Adhesive Plate GoPro Kit


The Quick Mount Receiver to Adhesive Plate has a plate that is made from a malleable aluminum so that it can be used on flat or curved surfaces. Simply place the accessory on the desired surface and shape it as needed. The Quick Mount Receiver to Adhesive Plate can be removed by heating it with a hairdryer.

“The Adhesive Plate GoPro Mount kit comes with Two Adhesive Backed Aluminum Plates, each with a Quick Mount receiver. For the most secure temporary bond, first slightly warm the intended mounting surface, then clean with alcohol to remove oils and waxes. Once the surface is dry, peel off the paper backing and it sticks really well. Remove the Adhesive plate by slowly heating the surface and mount with a hair dryer” CS



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Adhesive Plate GoPro Kit Contains:

  • (2) GoPro Adhesive Quick Mount
  • (1) Angle Joint QuickMount
  • (1) GoPro to QuickMount
  • (1) GoPro Tool


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