5/8 gags Closed side


The  new 5/8 GAGs from 9.Solutions works much like a small Grip Head in that it allows either 5/8″ or 3/8″ rods to pass thru and rotate 360 about the center axis and then be locked by turning one knob.  One side has a pass thru hole for 5/8″ equipment and the other has pass thru holes for either 5/8″ or 3/8″ rods. A cool piece of grip equipment.

An Igus polymer thrust bearing ensures an easy secure tightening of the device.

“The 5/8″ GAG Closed Side is also one of the most recent additions to the 9.Solutions product line. Like it’s companion, 5/8” GAG Open Side, you can use it in situations that call for a “mini-gobo head”, to reinforce a rig, work in a confined space or with small equipment. The 5/8″Closed Side has a 5/8″ hole on one side and 5/8″ plus 3/8″ on the other side.  It can be used in a 5/8″ system to lock in a flag or scrim, with a 5/8″ Baby pin, or to convert a 5/8″ rig to a 3/8″. Really useful for table-top or product photography. It works well with the 5/8′ gag Open Side, 5/8″ Rod Kit,  5/8″ Baby Pins, and 3/8″ Rod kit.  Very much a cool tool!”  CS

Also available from: MBS (Burbank) and CINELEASE EXPENDABLES PLUS  


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Weight: 0.71

(1x) 5/8′ GAG Closed Side

(1x) 5/8″ Pass Thru
(1x) 3/8″ Pass Thru and (1x) 5/8″ Pass Thru

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