3/8″ Gag


The 3/8″ Gag allows two 3/8″ (10mm) rods to be joined and positioned anywhere in 360 degrees. One 3/8″ pass-thru receptacle is open so you can attach the 3/8″ Gag at any point along a rod. The 3/8″ Gag works perfectly for adding reinforcement components to a rig.

These 3/8″ gags are super lightweight and strong little gobo heads. I use them with the 3/8″ rod kit to create lighting rigs mounted to the camera, a Steadi-Cam rig, or for use in cars and confined spaces. They also complement 3/8″ table-top lighting system. Attach to any 9.Solutions clamp via 3/8″ Rod Kit to rig Microphones in audio recording situations” CS [/one_whole]

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Weight: 0.13
(1x) 3/8″ Gag

(1x) 3/8″ Gag

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