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The Savior Clamp has unique, articulating jaws that can fit firmly onto any oddly shaped object. Whether mounting on round, square, or flat objects, the peak-and-valley design of the jaw allows for multiple points of contact, ensuring a strong grip every time. A great addition to your studio equipment.

The Savior Clamp is tapped with one 1/4”-20 and one 3/8”-16 female threaded hole on each of the jaws. This makes it possible to mount multiple pieces of equipment on grip clamp.

“The Savior Clamp is a very versatile tool for today’s Film Maker/ Photographer. The unique, articulating jaws of extruded 6061 aluminum are capable of clamping onto several shapes and sizes with precise clamping strength. The protected jaw pads are made from an extruded compound and thermally bonded to the jaws. The patented jaw shape easily clamps to round objects like 3/8″ rod, 5/8″ rod, 1 ¼”, 1 ½ , and 2″ pipe. This clamp has very wide and deep jaws to clamp onto objects in many different ways.


“The Savior Clamp has several mounting options for multiple applications. It has a 3/8″ Male thread with a locking jam nut, each jaw has both 3/8″ and 1/4″ drilled and tapped holes. The Savior’s 3/8″ threaded rod allows attachment of 9.Solutions  5/8″ Baby Pin with 3/8″ tapped hole (newly released) and the 3/8″ holes on the jaws accommodate attaching the new 9.Solutions 5/8″ Pin with Male threaded rod (newly released), so one could attach baby pins both top and bottom. The rigging configurations and versatile attachment options make this a truly cool tool.” CS


Also available from: MBS (Burbank), Studio Carts, and CINELEASE EXPENDABLES PLUS


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Maximum Load: 30kg

Weight: 0.71
(1x) Savior Spring Clamp

(2x) 1/4″-20 Female Thread
(2x) 3/8″-16 Female Thread
(1x) 3/8″-16 Male Thread

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Weight 0.71 lbs


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