I’ve been a Key Grip in the  motion picture and television industry since 1992. I’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from incredibly bright, talented and innovative people along the way. I’m driven by a strong passion for the filmmaking process, especially being part of the creative collaboration. I’m fortunate to truly love my job and it shows in the work on set and on screen. I understand how all departments on a movie crew benefit from a talented and cohesive Grip Department.

Recently, I’ve begun working as a consultant with 9.Solutions, a company that produces unique and innovative grip equipment systems and creating the G-Force grips line of professional grip tools. I bring the experience of more than 30 years of working in FM Radio, Television Broadcasting Stations, Network Television Shows, Feature Films and designing equipment with Leonard Chapman to my designs of motion picture equipment with 9.Soltuions. 9.Solutions strives to create a Grip Equipment system that helps you think and work out of the box.


Chapman Studio Equipment introduced the “CS Base” in 1995, which I designed with Leonard Chapman. Later, I worked with Mr. Chapman to design the “Super CS Base” in 1999 and in 2006 the “Ultra CS Base” was produced. The “Ultra CS Base” has a center post that Telescopes vertically giving the crane a maximum of 9 feet to the center. All “CS Base” models are made to carry any “Lenny Arm” System, or “HydroScope”.

Through my association with Leonard Chapman and his company, I have gained insight into the Chapman Line of products and their creative possibilities. Over the years I have worked with Leonard to design and develop the “CS Base” line of mobile camera crane bases, the Chapman “Camera Slider”, the “Rotating Offset Low Mode” for the Pee Wee Dollies, the ”Nose Seat” for the Dollies (works with Low Mode), the “Sliding Side Boards” and “Seat Pocket System” along with the  “Enterprise Low Mode” for the Hustler IV Dolly, to name the greatest hits.